Keeping Communities Safe One Driver at a Time.

Keeping Communities Safe One Driver at a Time. 2018-06-19T21:22:45+00:00

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Public Service Safety is the one and only central clearinghouse dedicated to providing you with safety information and world-class safety training.  Please take a few moments to explore the many free features you can use to make your village, township, city or county safer.

Then, check out our low-cost subscription services that provide you with award-winning safety training programs specifically designed with your operation in mind. Our outcome-based safety training programs will help you reduce accidents and injuries and protect your people.

Articles from Around the Country

MDOT Highway Worker Accidents Lead Transportation Officials to Urge Safer Driving

We love to see transportation departments taking the well-being and safety of their workers seriously. Clearly, you can’t count on the amateurs out there on the road with them. Just like the article points out, amateurs will speed in construction zones. They’ll refuse to move over for road

City Sanitation Worker Involved in Garbage Truck Accident Charged with DUI

People will make mistakes that are so careless that it makes you shake your head in surprise. It’s all the more disappointing when it’s a professional driver who we assume knows better. Stop assuming and start knowing. When you work with Public Service Safety, you can create a

At Least 9 Killed in Phoenix Area by Wrong-Way Drivers in 2018: How to Stay Safe

This is what we mean when we say “Look out for the other guy.” Sorry to be blunt, but people do dumb stuff behind the wheel. There’s hardly anything dumber than driving the wrong way down a road. Maybe you’re a great driver who never breaks the rules.

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