What is Public Service Safety?

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Making YOUR Community Safer, One Driver at a Time!

As a Public Service Director you have many responsibilities.  You have a limited budget and limited staff, yet still have to deliver services to the community on-time and mistake free. But, your greatest responsibility is the safety and well-being of your employees and the citizens they share the roads with.

What can YOU do, with limited time and money, to ensure your employees return home safely at the end of every day? Well start with this video about our newest professional safe driver training for municipalities and government employees, called Public Service Safety. If it inspires you, give us call.

“I’ve dedicated my life to making the world a safer place and I’ve done it by producing award-winning safety training for transportation companies. Two years ago, we realized that there are more than 40,000 government fleets and no one has ever addressed their safety training needs. With the launch of Public Service Safety, we’ll become the single source provider of safety education and training for this unserved market.”

“Nearly 100 Americans die every day in a vehicular crash,” Gardner said. “Sadly, some are our public servants just doing their jobs.  They repair our roads, pick up our trash and keep our lights on after a storm. We intend to make every community safer, one driver at a time.  Help us, help you make the world a safer place”

Mark G. Gardner – CEO and Founder of Public Service Safety

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